Replacement Cushions

The outdoor furniture adds the functionality and appeal to your home or commercial property. Today, you will find furniture made of different materials including, wood, metal, aluminum, wicker etc. While most of these pieces are quite hardy and durable, they aren’t always comfortable to use as they are. You need to add some seats to make them more comfortable and welcoming. In addition to the seat and back cushions, many people also like to add outdoor cushions to the furniture! Read more about Replacement Cushions >>

Refurbished Patio Furniture

If any of your patio furniture is refurbished, your first reaction is to want to go ahead and replaced it. Furniture that looks old, faded or worn can impact the overall ambience of your home. So, it's quite natural that you would want to replace furniture that seems to be damaged. However, before you do that, you need to ask yourself whether it's really necessary. There are times when all the furniture needs are some repairs to get it back into shape! Read more about Refurbished Patio Furniture >>

Patio Furniture

There is no doubt that patios add to the charm of your home. A patio offers a sense of openness and expanse to the indoor areas and also gives you more living space. Many people like to construct pergolas above the patios while some prefer to get an outdoor kitchen installed. Regardless of the kind of setting and look you want to create there, you would need some good patio furniture to make the space more functional and aesthetically appealing! Read more about Patio Furniture >>

Outdoor Furniture

Every home is different in that the people that own it decorate it differently and add their own unique touch to it. The outdoor spaces of a home are an extension of the indoor areas and you like to ensure these are designed and installed with as much attention to detail as the latter. This is why homeowners choose their outdoor furniture with care and ensure that it complements the rest of the elements and features that exist on their patio or deck! Read more about Outdoor Furniture >>

Patio Furniture Repairs

Don’t give up on your old patio furniture for it may well be something that can be brought back to life. Don’t you hate having to replace outdoor furniture that is really comfortable and the whole family is used too? Well don’t hesitate to give us a call today and we will inspect your furniture and let you know what we can do to bring it back to ‘as new’ condition! Read more about Patio Furniture Repairs>>

Custom Outdoor Cushions

There will come a time when your outdoor cushions will start to look faded and a bit worse for wear. This will be the time to get them replaced or perhaps just re-covered. There are companies like So Cal Patio Master who will custom make your cushions to your specifications and individual taste. Your outdoor furniture can then be brought back and look as new again! Read more about Custom Outdoor Cushions >>

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